We are looking towards the future

while keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground

About the law firm Klosová & Ptáček

Since it’s creation in 2007, our law firm has provided legal services to Czech as well as foreign clients,
in Czech, English and French.

Thanks to the long-term experience of the founding partners, who have previously practiced law and provided legal services in leading Czech law firms, and thanks also to the enthusiasm of our lawyer-trainees and the knowledge of our associated lawyers, we provide legal services in almost all branches of law.

The key to excellent legal service

is understanding our client´s needs

What services do we offer?

As a result of the experience of the founding lawyers and the knowledge of our associate lawyers, we are able to provide services in almost all branches of law. These include, especially, legal services regarding business corporations, receivables, contracts and obligations, real estate, M&A, and also financial law and labour law, marketing law and law on the protection of personal data.

We offer legal advice for establishing and changes of business corporations and representation before the Trade license offices and the Commercial Register during registration proceedings;  re-structuring business groupings; legal advising during the termination of activities of a company and in the process of liquidation.

Legal aspects of the administration of companies and the liability of members of company organs, including corporate governance, legal aspects of relationships within a holding, representation during general meetings, preparation of documentation for their performance, legal advising during increases or decreases of registered capital, supplemental payments in the own capital, financial assistance, control agreements.

Preparation of labour law documentation: employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside of the employment relationship, and agreements on the liability of employees. The preparation of contracts for management, including non-competing clauses and agreements on confidentiality, preparation and revision of internal regulations and orders, negotiation of collective agreements, legal advising in relation to agency employment, sending employees abroad, employment of foreign citizens, legal advising in relation to individual and collective lay-offs, preparation of admonitions, cancellation notices, agreements about the termination of labour relations, dismissal of employees in managerial positions, representation of employers and employees in labour law disputes, representation of employers.

Legal advising regarding credit transactions to debtors as well as to banks (including syndicated credits, restructured financing, acquisition credit and securing instruments).

Representation of clients in judiciary, arbitration and administrative proceedings.

Legal advising regarding regular contractual documentation in provider-supplier relationships, preparation of main contractual types, as well as preparation of complex contracts which are not regulated as special contractual types, and this including General Business Terms, securing obligations etc.

Transformation of business corporations, legal advising during acquisition of property shares, transfer of enterprises (or parts of enterprises), advising in relation to establishing common enterprises / joint ventures, including preparation of shareholder agreements and similar agreements.

Legal services during the purchase and sale of real estate, rental law including rental of commercial real estate/space and apartments and in rem rights to real estate, legal advising regarding financing the purchase and development of real estate and their insurance, legal aspects of developer´s activities, including construction contracts and legal advising in the field of construction law and evaluation of  influences on environment, representation in proceedings before construction administration, cadastre land register offices, and the legal audit of ownership right and other rights to real estate.

It cannot be emphasized enough that, in law, each and every detail matters and is important.

Therefore, we take care of our cases from the beginning through the end.

Why working with us benefits you?

In addition to legal advising and legal acts and related services, we offer you, as well, other related services. We will settle for you anything that is related to the given issue – for example, administrative matters or communications with foreign subjects. In each matter, we assist you from the beginning through the end, we foresee potential complications and prevent them from occurring. We are not actively seeking to get into a dispute at any price, instead we always offer you an optimal solution.  

If you do not want to be surprised by a deceptive provision in a contract, we will draft the contract and control it for you and provide it with our comments and negotiate its wording with another party;

We settle all that is related to your legal matter, such as the extracts from foreign registries (Luxembourg, Netherlands, Cyprus, etc.), translations and verified translations, re-location of the seat of a company, communications with authorities, with the Commercial Bulletin, with accounts, with foreign attorneys-at-law and notaries public, etc.;

In Czech, English and French on a very high level

We co-operate regularly with foreign firms, which provide legal services according to foreign laws.

When you know your rights and options, you know what to ask for and how to go about it, and you are able to agree about it more easily. A plain human agreement often wins-out over a strict interpretation of law. We help our clients make good decisions.

We enjoy our work and thus we seek to do it as accurately as possible, until the task is completed!

Our clients are not mere numbers for us. We respect you, learn from you and believe that we provide you with something valuable;

If fighting is necessary, we will represent you in judiciary, arbitration and administrative proceedings. If it is necessary to wind-up a company, we will help you as well with its liquidation, so you can have a fresh start.

Klient, který je spotřebitelem, má právo na mimosoudní řešení spotřebitelských sporů v souladu s § 20d a násl. zákona o ochraně spotřebitele. Česká advokátní komora byla dne 5.2.2016 pověřena Ministerstvem průmyslu a obchodu ČR mimosoudním řešením spotřebitelských sporů pro oblast sporů mezi advokátem a spotřebitelem ze smluv o poskytování právních služeb. Internetová stránka tohoto pověřeného subjektu je www.cak.cz.